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P351 Final Project (65 points)

Overview: Your P351 Final Project will be a production of your own creation and design. It should be no less than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 (without permission). Please consider taking on a project for one of our Service Learning clients. Students *always* end up with a stronger project and an enriched learning experience when they work with an actual client.

Before you shoot any footage, your project must be approved by your instructor and fully scripted. It should contain original graphics (at least a title and credits). In addition to the video, it should also have a well-recorded and edited audio component. Regardless of the subject or style, it should contain a clear storyline or message.

Grading: The final project is worth 65 points of your 500 point class total, which will be broken down as follows:

  • 18 points: Pre-production & presentation (program proposal, treatment, script, storyboard, etc) You will TURN THIS IN at least TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE PROJECT IS DUE. That's why it's considered "pre-production."
  • 40 points: Production (shooting, lighting, editing, sound design, etc.)
  • 2 points: Release forms
  • 5 points: Critique

Process: You should initially submit a proposal and treatment. You will turn this in and meet with your instructor in or around the mid-point of the semester. Once you have the instructor's approval, you may move forward with the pre-production component and write a script.

Before shooting, you wll turn in a pre-production packet containing:

  • Project Proposal (find details here)
  • Treatment
  • Script (either two-column or drama style with storyboards)

When you are finished shooting, you should turn in:

  • Talent/location releases (copies of are fine - YOU keep the originals)
  • HD Quicktime file
  • Critique
    • Optional elements that will increase your grade and productivity:
      • Shot/location lists
      • Footage Logs (easy to read, with time code & comments)
      • Miscellaneous supporting material: sketches, storyboards etc.


  • All your materials should be typed and neatly presented.
  • Running time: Minimum of 2.5 minutes, maximum of 5 minutes (without permission). Focus on quality NOT quantity. Due to limited class/critique time, we will likely not be able to screen projects longer than 5 minutes.
  • Your work is expected to be your own. If you use other people's audible or visual work, you must do so legitimately and acknowledge it in the credits.
  • Students are expected to produce the soundtrack that accompanies their projects. Given this, music videos must have additional audio elements: natural sound, dialog, etc. (In other words you can't just import an audio file and cut video over it.)



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