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Service Learning Clients

Fall 2022 Real-World & Service Learning Clients

Nothing provides a richer learning experience than working with an actual client. The people and organizations below would like IU Media School classes and students to produce videos for them.

If you take on a client video, it's important that you:

  • Proactively communicate with the organization, and copy your instructor on key emails (starting project and concluding it).
  • Use your instructor, Jim Krause, who will try to do whatever he can to help you produce a successful project.
  • When a first draft is complete, send a copy to them for approval and make whatever changes they request.
  • In your summary critique, please add a few paragraphs about what you learned about the organization and how you changed or grew from working on the project.

Clients wanting short (30 or 60-second) PSAs (public service announcements):

  • City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) would like a PSA about precautionary boil water advisories. Just as we all know to head to the basement when we hear a precautionary tornado siren, we'd like for people to know about precautionary boil water advisories during which they need to avoid drinking their tap water for health concerns. Contact Holly McLauchlin at 812-361-2800 or    
  • LifeDesigns, Inc helps people with disabilities lead active fulfilled lives. They need job recruitment, job placement, and development (support/donate) PSAs.
    Contact:  Cierra Lowe (ACE)
  • My Sister's Closet provides free work force attire and success training to low-income and at-risk women pursuing employment. Contact: Sandy Keller (812) 369-6582.
  • SCCAP Head Start: They would like a general PSA highlighting their programming and whom they serve; Contact: Gabrielle Budd, (ACE)
  • Trashion Refashion Runway Show - Zero Waste Event PSA:  This year wewould like the Trashion to be a zero waste event.  People will be encouraged to bring their own reusable cups for concession beverages, guidance will be provided on how to recycle items and Earthkeepers will be collecting compostables.  Trashion would like a 30 to 60 second PSA about the zero waste initiative that will help the audience understand how they can participate. This could be repeated at other BCT events.  So, this PSA could be specific to the BCT, could describe items and methods to recycle or compost at that venue and the video could be RE-USED! Contact: Stephen Hale 812-334-0922
  • Work to Include Coalition - They are an organization working to increase employment for talent with disabilities. "We propose to create a PSA that highlights hiring people with disabilities in the workforce. We believe that everyone can work and hiring a person with a disability is no different than hiring a person without a disability. We propose to create a 30 second and 60 second PSA that can be viewed on local television as well as social media. People with disabilities have many things to contribute to their communities and we want to showcase that. We also want employers to understand the importance of the ADA and how that relates to employment." They have videos that could be incoporated and a number of individuals with disabilities who are willing to serve as talent. Learn more at:  They have a video that Senator Yoder and Tom Morris from IU that can be adapted. For information contact Susan Rinne 812-322-5197.

Client organizations in need of longer videos:

  • Area 10 Agency on Aging would like a 5-8 minute informational piece outlining the impact their services have on clients and the community. This would include interviewing four clients/partners showing services including Rural Transit, home delivered meals, mobile food pantry and personal care. Contact: Chris Myers,Chief Executive Officer, Area 10 Agency on Aging, 631 W. Edgewood Dr., Ellettsville, IN 47429. (812) 876-3383 ext. 503
  • City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) has been in the news for some high-profile water main breaks (see this video from the Herald Times for a break that almost cancelled IU football! but small main breaks happen frequently. It would be helpful to have a video showing people what to look for, how to report a possible break, and how CBU fixes the break. Since these happen spontaneously, we may or may not get a dramatic one for film during this semester, but we can do a small simulation and there are daily opportunities to see CBU employees in the field working on water pipes. Contact Holly McLauchlin at 812-361-2800 or      
  • IU Contemporary Dance - Contact Selene Carter MFA 812-856-2819
  • IU Musical Theatre Contact Lauren Haughton-Gillis
  • MCCSC Office of English Language Learning: ELL would like to create a promotional video to outline the mission of the agency, but also to discuss building multiculturalism and diversity in Bloomington. (This could potentially be both a longer form, more in-depth piece and a shorter PSA.) · ACE: Rodney Mosongo (
    Supervisor: Choonhyun Jeon (
  • My Sister's Closet provides free work force attire and training to low-income and at-risk women pursuing employment. Contact: Sandy Keller (812) 369-6582.
  • Trashion/Refashion - Trashion Refashion Runway Show - Trashion would like short videos highlighting the show and behind the scenes.. Videos of the show and behind the scenes. Contact: Stephen Hale 812-334-0922. - facebook Contact: Stephen Hale 812 334 0922

For P351/J560 final Projects or Graduate Students pursuing Doc/Non-fiction:

  • Bring Change 2 Mind - BC2M is an impressive organization that has an event up in Indy they'd like to cover.  HERE is a link to a description of the event and info about the organization and the work they do with youth across the country and in Indiana. As for the object/goal, we’d love a short video (approx. 3 minutes) that captures the event, the excitement of the day, as well as some interviews with some of our student leaders and school advisors present. We are growing quickly here in Indiana and would love to use this as a promotional video as we seek more partners around the state. Contact:  (317) 833-4304 for more info
  • Meals on Wheels would like a video for Bloomington Meals on Wheels for their 50th anniversary which will be celebrated in all of 2023. They are looking for a finished product of 3-4 min highlighting their 50th & the program’s growth since 1973. One of the founding mothers is still living (Becky Hrisamolos) & it would be great to get a quote from her in the video. Here's an example of the last video: . Contact: Kathy Romy, Meels on Wheels Board Chair.
  • South Central Community Action Program (SCCAP) - SCCAP serves low-income people through a number of important services. They need an updated informational "Thriving Connections" video to replace this one.
    • SCCAP Thriving Connections: Thriving Connections is an intentional way for people to build relationships across class and race lines to end poverty in their communities. Our goals are:
      • To change the mind-set of the community so it wants to end poverty
      • To change goals, policies, and approaches to end poverty
      • Empower people in poverty to help solve community problems while transitioning out of poverty themselves
    • They would like the video to demonstrate the positivity and support for our Leaders (those in poverty) from Allies and volunteers. The 3-5 minute video would show our facilities, describe the mission of Thriving Connections, and exhibit the close-knit, “family-like” relationships that Thriving Connections offers. This informational video would serve as a prelude to presentations to give people an overview of what we do as an agency before we delve into the specifics of Thriving Connections. Contacts:
      • Linda Patton - Thriving Connections Coordinator - helps to manage Thriving Connections as a whole - - (812) 339-3447 ext. 206
      • Brandi Smith - Thriving Connections Coach - facilitates relationships within the Thriving Connections Community - - (812) 339-3447 ext. 263
      • Gabrielle Budd - Thriving Connections ACE - contact person for Service Learning Coordination -

The Office of Service Learning contact is:

Megan Betz
Community Engagement Coordinator
IU Service Learning Program
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL)
mebetz [at]
(812) 855-7849