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Real World and Service Learning Clients

Nothing provides a richer learning experience than creating a project for a real world client with tangible needs. IU Media School MS Documentary/nonfiction students can take on a project for T576, T584, or as part of their capstone body of work. P354/J560 students can create animated PSAs and informational videos.

Check out the organizations below for opportunities.

If you take on a client video, it's important that you:

  • Proactively communicate with the organization, and copy your instructor on key emails (starting project and concluding it).
  • Communicate with your instructor, Jim Krause, who will do whatever he can to help you produce a successful project.
  • Give time to refine and revise the project. When a first draft is complete, send a copy to your client organization for approval and make whatever changes they request.
  • In your reflection or summary critique, please add a few paragraphs about what you learned about the organization and how you changed or grew from working on the project.

Client organizations in need of video projects:

Contact: Katie Hopkins, Thriving Connections Manager
Emmy Mercer, ACE (IU service-learning liaison for the agency)

  • Hilltop Gardens is in need of a promotional video going over what the garden offers. Mostly needs editing help. Contacts: Kaylie Scherer, Hilltop Gardens Coordinator Cicely Samuel, ACE Celeste Pantoja, ACE
  • IU Musical Theatre - Routinely needs recordings of performances, which are an opportunity to carry out multi-camera production and editing. Contact Lauren Haughton-Gillis
  • Trashion/Refashion - Trashion Refashion Runway Show - Trashion would like short videos highlighting the show and behind the scenes.. Videos of the show and behind the scenes. Contact: Stephen Hale 812-334-0922. - facebook Contact: Stephen Hale 812 334 0922

There are more opportunities available through CITL's Office of Service Learning

Reach out to Jess Tang to find out more.

Contact Zhixi (Jess) Tang (they)
Community Engagement Coordinator
IU Service-Learning Program
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL)
(812) 855-7849