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Final Project & Class Critique - 30 points

Final Projects will be produced the last week of the semester. This will be your last chance to produce a high-quality studio piece for your portfolio. As with the Dramatic Scene Exercise, everyone will pitch a final project idea. The class will vote on which projects to produce. If your project gets selected, you will function as the producer.

Grading: This projects is worth 30 points. Components include:

  • Pitch & proposal (5 pts – individually graded)
  • Pre-production packet: Includes script, floor plan, lighting plot & camera shot sheets, etc. (10 pts – group grade)
  • Production (10 pts – group grade)
  • One-page final project/class critique (5 points - indivdually graded)

Pitches and Program Proposals

When you pitch your idea in class you should have:

  • Title (a working title)
  • Proposal - Please be prepared to succinctly describe the show and give an idea as to the floor plan/production setup and the number of talent needed.

These elements shold be uploaded to the Oncourse/Resources folder called "Final Projects". This component is individually graded and worth 5 points.

Pre-Production: Once your group has been selected, the producer should assign people to handle all of the necessary pre-production and production tasks. You may wish to fill the following roles: director, lighting and sets, properties manager, graphics, sound designer etc. You should also secure on-camera talent for your production. Members of your group should not function as talent for their own production.

Program requirements:

  • Time: While there is no "set" time requirement, it is recommended that you focus on quality not quantity. 4 minutes might be plenty of time for a short dramatic scene, while 8 minutes might be a good length to explore a topic for a talk show.
  • Graphics: You need at least two graphics, including an opening title and closing credits.
  • Music/SFX: Your group must use at least two cuts of either music and/or sound effects. (Appropriate  music is HIGHLY recommended) You might start and close your piece with some music. A background bed of sound effects can help establish your location

Pre-Production Components:

  • Program proposal (revised)
  • Treatment (revised)
  • Master Script
  • Floor Plan
  • Lighting Plot
  • Relevant production materials: timeline, storyboard, camera shot sheets etc

A Pre-Production packet must be submitted. This component is worth 10 points and is graded as a group.

Production: - On the day of your production, it is vital that you come to lab prepared. Have your music, graphcis, sound effects pre-loaded and ready to go.

The production component is worth 10 points and is graded as a group.

Critique: Each student will turn in a two-page journal/critique documenting the final project and their experience in class the following week.

The Critique is worth 5 points and is individually graded.

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