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Bio/Exectations Exercise

This assignment is on Canvas, worth 4 points, and is due by the start of your first lab.

Use your favorite word processing app to make a new document and answer the questions below. When you are finished, create a PDF to submit to this Canvas assignment.

  • What is your name and how would you like to be addressed (him/her/they, etc.)?
  • What is your year at IU?
  • List your areas of study/academic interests.
  • List your personal interests/hobbies/skills.
  • List one TV show you love & one you hate.
  • What kind of project would you most like to produce in this class?
  • List three specific things you'd like to learn in this course. (E.g. I'd like to learn how to operate the digital audio console, I'd like to create a strong portfolio piece, I want to develop my understanding of studio lighting, etc.)

Remote learning:

  • Are you comfortable doing lectures and meetings via Zoom?
  • Describe the camera gear you have access to (DSLR, tripod, camcorder, just my iPhone, etc.).
  • Please describe any concerns or technological/logistical impediments that you have.

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