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Week 15

Announcements/Reality Check

  • The Spring 2021 C228 Final Exam (scheduled by the Registrar) is Monday, May 3 from 10:10 AM - 12:10 PM. It will be administered through Canvas. It will be available a little earlier in the morning but MUST be completed by 12:10 PM. (Expect it to take about 45 minutes.)

This is the last week of productions. Be sure to get all of the projects you worked on, or acted in or performed in.

These are good examples to use in your reel. Even if the project wasn't perfect, there is often enough to use for portfloio purposes.

Demo Reel - As a production student in a creative industry, it's important to have a reel showcasing your skills. Demo reels can be short (2-3 minutes) and should showcase the best of what you can do and show your range. Be sure to identify what you did (E.g. writer, director, camera, etc.), as most TV/film projects are team efforts. Many open and close with their contact info.

Website - It's good to have a website where you can update and feature more than just examples of your video work, but also showcase your writing, photography, pre-production, etc. These are easily crafted through WIX, Wordpress, Square Space, Blogspot, Adobe Portfolio, etc.

An interesting article on The Medium about portfolios.

Demo reels are just one part of the equation. Showing how you think (that you can think) and a bit about your background and personality are also important.

One of my former students got a job because they'd posted the Budget/Remote exercise on their portfolio site.

Review for Final Quiz

  • The structure is T/F, multiple choice, fill in the blank (with a word bank), and short answer.
  • While this quiz is essentially "open book" be careful as Canvas is unforgiving in regard to lateness and misspellings. If there is a fill in the blank, cut and paste from the word bank- or make sure your answer is spelled correctly.
  • Use your earlier quizzes to study.

Final Thoughts

TV studios vary in size and shape. Hopefully this class has served as a good introduction to studio techniques and has given you practice directing, producing, running cameras and learning the switcher, lighting console and audio board.

Remember to keep an open mind and continue learning new techniques. When you leave school your education is just beginning.



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