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Journey Indiana - Content and Technical Specifications

This semester, T584 will be producing segments for Journey Indiana, to be broadcast on WTIU. We will work with the show's producer, Nick Deel npdeel [at]

T584 students produce two documentary projects over the course of the semester. One should meet the technical and aesthetic guidelines of Journey Indiana. Students have artistic freedom with the other.

Aesthetic Guidelines:

  • Mandated to cover entire state. Topics can be anywhere, but north is good, as the area is underrepresented.
  • Stories should have a long shelf life. (Not news, which is timely.)
  • Diversity is welcome and encouraged
  • It's great to find something, someone, or someplace that's unexpected and intriguing.
  • If the producer is succesful, the viewer will want to go there.
  • Don't need museums (most have been covered)
  • Hobbyist groups are good
  • Check the Journey Indiana Archives to view existing stories (and to see if a topic has been covered)

Technical Requirements:

  • Target length is 6 minutes
  • Format: HDTV (1920x1080)
  • Frame rate: 30p (29.97 Progressive)
  • Codec: Apple ProRes 422 HQ is preferred. XDCam 422p
  • Length: 6 minutes is the ideal length, but projects can be a little longer or shorter.
  • All audio and video levels shold fall with broadcast legal specifications
  • Delivered with split audio tracks (YouTube lesson)

Other Notes: Please take a look at the PBS Red-Book. In this website, you'll find the PBS Producer's Handbook, which has a wealth of important guidelines. There are additional guidelines as well:

Other considerations:

All broadcast programming must be closed-captioned. This means that a transcript of the dialog must be provided along with the video. WTIU will handle the captioning, but only if a transcript of the dialog is included.

Archival images, videos, and audio - WTIU requires a list of all 3rd party visual and audible elements. In other words, they want a listing of all of the elements we didn't create. This includes archival images and audio. So carefully keep track of all of these elements.



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