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Week 1

Under Construction - There's nothing to see here. Keep moving along...... :-)

Welcome & Course Introduction


  • Course & Documentary overview
  • Talk about cameras, tech, & 1st Camera Exercise

Pandemic / Covid-19 Safety - Due to the pandemic, we all have extra challenges to deal with (E.g. we must wear masks inside campus buildings).

Contact info: E-mail is best.
Call (812) 332-1005 if you need to talk to me. Feel free to call, really!
Office hours are Tuesday afternoons from 2:30-4:30 PM (RTV room 350 or via Zoom) & by appt.


You'll have access to Canon XF405 camcorders, which use either SDHD or SDXC cards.

NOTE: You are welcome to shoot on whatever camera is best suited for the project, but it's important that you learn the operation and menu structure of the Canon XF405s.

  • Two 32 GB (or larger) SD memory cards. Bring an SD card to every lab!
  • Portable USB drive (minimum 1 TB recommended)
  • Headphones (for field shoots and editing in the Production Lab)
  • Editing computer (recommended)


Food and drinks aren't allowed in the Production Lab or in Studio 5. These places only get cleaned once a week. Please make sure you don’t bring in or leave trash. Help us keep it clean.

Turning in work

  • Media assignments can be quite large- so can be turned in via sneakernet (bring your Drive in) or through uploading to our shared Google Drive folder: T584_Spring_2022”. You'll likely have to access it using your account. Contact Jim if you have troubles accessing it.
  • All other work (critiques, storyboards, talent/photo releases, program proposals, etc.) should be turned in via Canvas.

Originality & Legal integrity - It's mportant that our work be original and have legal integrity. Please be sure to get signed talent/photo releases for all portfolio projects, scan them, and include them with your assignment materials. You have access to our Virtual Music Library via Killer Tracks. See the website for instructions on how to access Killer Tracks.

Production Lab & Equipment

Equipment checkouts default to set blocks of time. Special requests of reservations for equipment (slider, extended checkouts, etc.) need to be made at least 3 working days ahead of time using the on-line form.

Most equipment has controls, switches, and numerous menu settings. Learn what they do. If you don’t know what they do, don’t change them. Better yet, RTFM find out what they do.

Report any broken equipment to the lab monitor or to the instructor.

Equipment must be returned on time. If for some reason you are late, CALL THE LAB. Failure to bring gear back on time results in loss of checkout priviliges.

  • Only those in production courses can use the facilities
  • Prodcution Lab hours- set shortly after the start of every semester

Check website and your email for readings, assignments & updates.


Word bank / vocabulary

  • Angle of view
  • Auto focus (problems with)
  • Changes in apparent speed
  • Compressing distance
  • Depth of field
  • Dolly (in and out)
  • F-stop
  • Focal length
  • Follow focus
  • Frame rate (24, 30 and over and undercranking)
  • Image sensor (CCD, CMOS, etc.)
  • Lens speed
  • Macro focus
  • Perspective changes
  • Prime lens
  • Relationship between depth of field and f-stop
  • Rack focus
  • Selective focus
  • Shutter speed
  • Truck (right or left)
  • White balance
  • Zoom lens
  • Zoom ratio


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