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News Update Exercise

In lab your group will produce a professional looking two-minute news update. The update will consist of:

  • 10 second opening
  • 30 second lead story (studio)
  • 5 second segue
  • 30 second "remote" story (on-location in the field)
  • 5 second segue
  • 30 second wrap-up story (studio)
  • 10 second wrap-up

It is vital that your update fit into the provided two-minute time slot.

Each student must provide:

  • 30-second news story/script. Upload a copy to the appropriate Canvas assignment and bring a hard copy to lab. Please make sure it's a real story on an actual event. It should contain just the anchor's copy (no camera shots or graphics). Read it out loud to make sure it fits into 30 seconds.
  • Two PNG graphics that correspond to your story: an "over the shoulder" graphic and a "location" background image. Both of these graphics need to be created ahead of time and uploaded to the same Canvas assignment you're uploading your story to.
    • Full-screen background / location image for "remote" chromakey location (or possibly a weather map if you are writing a weather update). This is the image that will be keyed in behind the talent. (Like behind the weatherman, or as seen on The Daily Show). Because this might be used as a location graphic, make sure there are no moving elements frozen in time. (People, dogs, cars, etc.) Remember to start with the 1920 x 1080 HD Photoshop template.
    • Over the shoulder graphic. Please remember that it will occupy only a portion of the screen (as an "over the shoulder" graphic).
  • For general tips on making graphics check out Jim's graphic tips.

During lab each group will select four stories for the news update. Three students from other groups will serve as the studio and field reporters. Each group will rotate through their update so that everyone will get a chance to direct. You will be graded on your story & graphics, and your directing.

After you carry out the News Exercise, write a one-page (minimum) critique about your experience and success (or lack of it).

Be sure you remember the main points about lighting someone against a blue or green screen and how the look ahead feature of the switcher works.



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