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Demonstration Video Project

Overview: Working in small groups, you and your production team will produce a demonstration video. This exercise will test your writing, set design, lighting and production skills, and provide the experience of producing a team project.

This exercise has both individual and group components. Everyone (individually) needs to pitch their project and turn in a program proposal, treatment, script (can use partial script format), floor plan & lighting plot. The group will be graded on the overall production. Everyone will write a one-page follow up critique describing their experience.

The grading breakdown is as follows:

  • Pre-production material (individually graded - 15 points) which includes:
    • Program Proposal (includes title, objective, target audience, show description, production overview) For more info, check out Jim's Program Proposal info.
    • Treatment or Script (partial script format can be used which includes intro, talk points, segues and close)
    • Storyboarded key shots (Just include a few of the key shots.)
    • Floor plan
    • Lighting plot
    • List of props, costume/wardrobe, or special gear required
  • Production (group grade - 20 points)
  • Critique (individually graded - 5 points)

You will pitch your idea in lab with students voting on which to produce. We will produce 4 of these during each lab over a two-week period. If your proposal is selected, you will become the producer, and assign/delegate other tasks as needed.

Examples: While this may seem obvious, be sure to bring in an idea that is visual and easily demonstrated in 4-6 minutes, and be sure to only pitch a show that you can easily arrange for the appropriate talent. Examples of past projects include:

  • How to mix (DJ tutorial)
  • Martial arts / self-defense
  • Pumpkin carving
  • How to perform card tricks
  • How to play guitar
  • Origami
  • How to play Rock Band
  • Hw to make tasty treats
  • How to perform First Aid / CPR
  • How to dance

Production Requirements:

  • Time: At least 4 minutes and no more than 6.
  • Music/SFX: At least two cuts of music or sound effects (For example theme music at the beginning and end and demonstration music during show.)
  • Graphics: At least three original graphics (the slate does not count :-)

Suggested Activity Schedule

Week 1
  • Pre-production material due. Pitch and select shows. Make production teams.
  • Meet and delegate tasks (talent, music, graphics, teleprompter script, props, etc.)

Week 2

  • Meet with your group (document)
  • Create plan for incorporating graphics, music and jib shots. These can really enhance your production.
  • Delegate someone to carry out sound design (music and SFX).
  • Storyboard & test key shots (Do they work with your floor plan?)
  • Block your production shot-by-shot (Does the talent need teleprompters?)

Week 3

  • Have a blocking rehearsal
  • Test graphics and music. Load graphics into the Chyron in advance.
  • Create camera shot sheets
  • Produce your project


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