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Studio 5 Camera Challenge – teleprompter script v4

HOST [to Cam 1]: Hello, I'm _________________.  Welcome to the Studio 5 Camera Challenge- an exercise designed to test (annoy, torture) our camera operators during the first week of class. I’ll warn you now- the results might not be pretty.
Camera 1 should be showing a MEDIUM CLOSE-UP of me. Now they should start zooming out to a 2-SHOT to show our guest.
Well hello! Tell us a little about yourself and what shot we should be seeing next.

GUEST [to Cam 3]: Hi. I'm _____________. [ad lib for a few seconds about yourself] I’m looking at Camera 3, which should be showing you a MEDIUM CLOSE-UP of me.
Camera 3 should now start zooming in to an EXTREME CLOSE UP of me. How is that? Is it an extreme close up?

HOST [to Cam 2]: OK! Camera 2 here should be showing you a CLOSE-UP of ME! Now they’re about to try a very hard shot called a FOLLOW FOCUS. They'll try to maintain this close-up while I walk towards the camera. The trick is to know which way to turn the focus ring. Check it out. [WALK TOWARD CAMERA 2 and PAUSE on MARK then TURN to CAMERA 3]
Camera 3 should have a MEDIUM SHOT of me and is about to demonstrate LEAD ROOM. As I walk back to my starting position, the camera operator should frame a little more room in front of me than behind me. Let’s see. [WALK back to ORIGINAL POSITION.]

GUEST [to Cam 2]: I'm talking to Camera 2 but Camera 1 over there is about to try a rack focus between these three items. It looks challenging, but it’s pretty easy if the lens is zoomed in all the way. Camera 1- Are you zoomed in all the way?
First we have the ________, then the ____________ and finally our _______________.
Next is Camera 3 with a panning shot. First we'll see the ___________. Then we're going to slowly pan over to the __________, and finally to the ___________.

HOST [to Cam 2]: Camera 2 should be zoomed in on this picture. If they’re doing it right, it should be filling the entire frame.
Camera 2 should start slowly zooming out until the two of us are in the frame. How was that? Was the ride smooth or a little bumpy?
Well we've reached the end of our Studio 5 Camera Challenge. I'd like to thank ________________ for helping out today. Thanks for watching. Stick around and check out our next set of camera operators. Until then, I'm __________ for the Studio 5 Camera Challenge.


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