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Studio 5 Summit clips

NOTE: You'll need a USB 2 or 3 device (hard drive, flash/thumb drive, etc.). Portable hard drives and thumb drives should be formatted in ExFat. PLEASE NOTE that USB flash drives are slow and do not come properly formatted for large files.

Getting clips off of the GV Summit (for editing, portfolios, etc.):

  1. Plug into one of the Summit's USB ports
  2. Use the Summit interfaces's "Look in" (right-hand window) and navigate to the proper folder (356 Monday PSAs, Wednesday Performance pieces, etc.)
  3. Select a clip and then choose the "Send to" option.
  4. Another window will pop up with 3 choices:
    • Bin
    • Stream
    • File
  5. Choose "file" and navigate to Summit/"your USB device".
  6. At the bottom of the Bin/Stream/File window you'll see the name and file type.
  7. Select from the drop-down menu the file type you want (most likely Quicktime or MXF)
  8. Click OK.

Importing clips onto the GV Summit for live playback:

Make sure your footage is in the right frame dimensions (1920 x 1080), frame rate (29.97 or 60i), using one of the following codecs:

    • MXF OP1a
    • MPEG2
    • P2
  1. Plug your portable drive into one of the Summit's USB ports.
  2. Use the "look in" window to navigate to the bin you'd like to import the clip(s) into.
  3. Use the "import" to navigate to the drive and select the clips to import.


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