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Week 8


  • Tuesday: Take quiz & work on mid-term projects.
  • Thursday - Review midterm projects. Critique your fellow students' work.


All of the homework projects require ORIGINAL work and should have legal integrity. If you need music, there's a great music library you can use (

Do not use other people's intellectual property or marketing materials without permission..

Please check your work (movie files and critiques) before uploading to check for technical issues.

Midterm Projects

  • Upload a copy of your Midterm Project to Canvas.
  • Your personal (self-critique) should go into the Canvas assignment
  • Your Peer Critique (of your fellow students' work) will go into the OneDrive folder.

Critiquing/Reviewing Midterm Projects

We will review these in class. Everyone will provide feedback and the class will serve as a focus group of sorts.

  • Start a new document in Word or Text Edit.
  • Write down each person's name and at least two things about their project that are working and two things that could be improved or that maybe you didn't understand.
  • Save your document as your username, and as either a pdf, doc, docx, rtf, or txt file.
  • When finished, upload your Peer Critiques to the Canvas assignment before 1:15 pm.


  • Read Chapters 13 & 14 of the Meyer book. (3D layers and Cameras)
  • Revise your Midterm Projects as suggested by the Peer Critiques.

No Homework (other than doing the readings). Enoy Fall Break!

  • Ignore the homework assignment below
  • Create an entirely new 15 second (minimum) 1080i abstract graphic. It doesn't have to serve any clear purpose, but should show depth, have aspects of good design, and be sized for HDTV (1920x1080 29.97). Create some of the major visual elements from within AE. It must have or contain:
    • A sense of depth
    • Good design
    • An animated 3D layer
    • A visual element whose appearance coincides with an audio element
    • An animated Gradient Ramp effect.
    • Turn in a square-pixel ProRes422, MP4, or H.264 version
    • Be sure to turn in a critique form that indicates where and how you used the effects.

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