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Media Composer Exercise

5 points

Overview: In this lesson you'll re-edit your Storyboard/Continuity sequence using Media Composer.

Objective: Learn how to import video, edit, and export video in Avid Media Composer.

Instructions: After going through the edit lesson with the instructor output a copy of your Storyboard/Continuity Sequence using Media Composer. Be sure that you:

  • Start and End in Black (you will need to use the Title tool to create black in Media Composer)
  • Have a track of audio (E.g. music) that fades out along with the video.

Outputting your sequence:

  • Turn on (enable) your AV tracks and make sure the visibility is turned on for the top-most video track.
  • Set an In Point in black right before the opening fade up and an Out Point right after it fades to black at the end.
  • Once you've set the in and out points, choose file -> export -> Media. (Be sure to Export as Quicktime Movie and check the "Use Marks" and "Use Selected Tracks" buttons.
  • Select "Custom" and output an HD-sized (1920 x 1080) H.264 "good" quality.
  • Be sure to name your sequence: IUusername_avid. (jarkraus_avid.for example)
  • Check your work
  • Turn in your movie to our shared P351 Google Drive folder.


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