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P351 Art Video Exercise

Your Art Video Project will be a production of your own creation and design that highlights some form of visual artistic expression. Examples include:

  • Thematic montage - Explore a topic, person, subject, idea, place, or event.
  • Animated still image montage - Make a keepsake out of existing family photos, a wedding album, travel pictures, etc. if you create a montage out of still images, most of them should be animated (E.g. pan and scan).
  • Turn a poem or short story into a video.
  • Dancer performing a piece (thoughtfully shot and blocked).
  • A musician performing a piece (ditto)
  • Music video - Anything goes!

Important note: For class purposes, you can use any music you'd like. However, if you want to submit it to competitions, you must use music you can get clearance for (such as our music library).

It should be no less than 2.5 minutes and no longer than 4.

Except for what's mentioned here, there are no set criteria for the project other than approval from the instructor. However you must have a plan in the form of a proposal, treatment, and an artistic statement.

The Art Video is worth 45 points of your 500 point class total, which will be broken down as follows:

  • 10 points: Pre-production (program proposal, treatment & artistic statement)
    • Program Proposal: This should outline the scope and all the essential parameters (title, purpose, audience, format, etc.).
    • Treatment: This should outline the entire flow of the project (visually and audibly).
    • Artistic statement: This is typically 1-3 paragraphs that describe you (the artist) what you are interested in exploring, and how this is carried out in your work.
  • 30 points: Production (shooting, editing)
  • 5 points: Final Critique

All materials should be typed and neatly presented.


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