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Encounters with the Unexplained

Field Shoot - January 2002 (show airing date February 22, 2002)

"Here are some images taken from a video shoot for the show "Encounters with the Unexplained"

  • We had to block off all light before any shooting could occur. The room was a large "great room" with lots of windows. It's a good thing we did as the shoot lasted five hours. It started in the afternoon (when the sun was shining through the windows) and ended when it was dark outside.
  • Here is a picture of the basic setup as seen from the back. You can see the Chimera soft box on the left, which functioned as the soft key. The green table cloth helped minimize excess spill. On the right is a round reflector serving as fill. Dr Scavone's hair light had an amber gel along with some diffusion material (tuff-spun).
  • In a slightly closer view you can see the producer discussing some of the material with Dr Scavone. Note the shotgun microphone towards the top. He was also wearing a lavaliere.
  • The side shot give another view of how equipment was positioned. The light in the foreground is the set light, used to throw a slash of light across the bookcase in the back.
  • The producer was positioned right next to the camera. It's important to keep the talent's line of sight as close to (but not into) the camera as possible.
  • The monitor was positioned so that both the producer and camera operator could see it.
  • POV behind camera 1 A perspective from behind the camera
  • POV behind camera 2 Another perspective from behind the camera, showing the basic lighting effect as well. Note the "slash of light" in the background. (The computer monitor was outside the frame)
  • Fuzzy close-up Doh! You'd think I'd know how to take pictures with my digital camera by now!

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