Jim Krause produced the documentary, "Spirit of Brown County" for WTIU. Learn more “Sounds of IU”: Students collaborate with “Everything Sounds” podcast producers. Read more DaVida performs "Both Sides Now" in P356 TV Studio Production.Watch on Youtube Jill Moore created this promo for WTIU in P354. Watch on Youtube Carolos Gutierrez captured the origin of Le Petit Cafe in his P351 feature story. Watch on Youtube Student game project selling on XBox Live Indie Marketplace. Read more

Students produce a variety of creative projects in Jim Krause's production classes. P351 (Video Field and Post-Production) is geared towards students wanting to produce short films, documentaries and music videos. In P354 (Program Graphics and Animation) students learn how to make compelling moving imagery. C228 (Multi-Camera TV Studio Production 1) is ideal for students wanting to work in live, multi-camera studio production.

C101 Visual Narrative


Multi-Camera TV Studio Production 1 is a hands-on production course focusing on multi-camera studio operations and production. This course is offered every fall and spring semester. Students will become proficient operating studio cameras, audio console, lighting equipment, video switcher, character generator, and other studio equipment. Students will create projects, block scenes, and direct projects. Visit the class website for more information.


Video Field and Post Production is offered in spring, fall and summer (1st 6 weeks) semesters. Students create short documentary, artistic, dramatic and news projects. Topics include design, composition, lighting, continuity and editing. In P351 students are introduced to Avid Media Composer, advanced editing and color correction, and portraiture lighting with Arri light kits. Visit the class website for more information.


Program Graphics and Animation focues on designing and creating graphics and animation for broadcast/TV delivery. Students use Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to create moving imagery for commercial, non-fiction, storytelling and message-driven content. Topics include graphic design, compositing, and 3D animation and lighting within the After Effects environment. Visit the class website for more information.